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It was in the last days of 1983 when REMAIN IN SILENCE was founded by the two protagonists a. buchwald (guitars) and a. gimpel (vocals). With a distinctive lead voice and melodically haunting guitar tunes layered over a heavy bass line and straight drums they soon established their characteristic sound.

At that time in Germany their music was unique and still remains outstanding - deeply melancholic, sonorous and powerful. The emotional density is permanently present in their songs - a density you can hardly escape. Early comparisons to the likes of Joy Division soon became void as RIS carefully developed their individual musical language. Apart from an omnipresent dark wave mood, their music has a strong melodic appeal.

In January 1985 REMAIN IN SILENCE released its first album SEVEN ROOMS. Hosted in a monolith-like black box it is today an undiscoverable rarity. But it was their second album MONUMENT which consolidated their reputation as a cult band and widened their audience. With its release in December 1985 "Spex" music magazine stated: Monument is absolutely worth the name. REMAIN IN SILENCE is how New Order should actually sound like.

Classic tracks like the moving Hope in Fear, the claustrophobic Hero and at Lonesome Hours still have lost nothing of its elemental force - pulling you down and lifting you up at the same time. Without a doubt REMAIN IN SILENCE can be described as true Cold Wave pioneers.

With the release of their third and classic album THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE RESISTANCE GOT LOST it only seemed to be a question of time when R.I.S. definitively would start through. But the financial break up of their record label and the cancelling of the accompanying tour made their hopeful career coming to a too early halt. Nevertheless Buchwald and Gimpel continued making music as REMAIN IN SILENCE and with sporadic concerts and releases they maintained a loyal fan base.

With the release of the retrospective album LONESOME HOURS - THE SEVEN ROOMS & MONUMENT RECORDINGS on Dead Wax Records in October 2013, they attracted interest again, exciting old fans and introducing REMAIN IN SILENCE to a new audience. In 2014 MiG-Music has released a limited edition of the long exhausted and worldwide sought-after album This Is The Place Where Resistance Got Lost, followed by their first Spanish tour.

In 2016 REMAIN IN SILENCE is finally returning with a brand new album entitled AND THE SOUL GOES ON. This album shows what REMAIN IN SILENCE is about these days - always true to their past but developing further. AND THE SOUL GOES ON shows RIS in full effect: majestic and powerful, sonorous and loaded with emotional high density. Despite their gloomy attitude they also know how to write a catchy poptune. Buchwald and Gimpel have recruited a new team in 2016 and their sound is fresh and spiced with some more electronics, their signature is as unique as ever.

AND THE SOUL GOES ON will be released March 18, 2016 worldwide through MiG Music.


A. Gimpel (Vocals) - A. Buchwald (Guitars)
Carlos (Keyboards) - Albi Husen (Programming) - Murray Webster (Sound Design)

recent releases:

...AND THE SOUL GOES ON (CD/LP) MiG Music 2016


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